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Level Gauges & Switches

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  • LGT Level Gauge
  • LSC Flot Switch
  • LGR Level Gauge


Level Gauge Tubular

Gauges Is Fitted With Two  End Block  Through Gland Packing .The Gauge Is Mounted Parallel To Tank So As Form A Close Loop Causing Tank Liquid To Seek Its Level In Gauge.Gaurd Are Provided In The Form Of Tied Rods/C-Channel Around The Gauges To Protect It From Accidental Blows.
End Blocks Have Built Insolating Valve ,Drain Valve And Vent Plug.


  • 360 Visibility With Tie Rod Design
  • Offset Isolating Valves Permit Glass Removal /Replacement
  • Available In Various Material


  • Chemical/Petrochemical
  • Fertilizer
  • Power Generation
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Automobile
  • Water/Waste Water/ETPs Etc

Level Switch - Cable float Type

LSC is simple and reliable switch for level detection. It can be used for small or long range of storage tanks and reservoirs. Polypropylene rigid construction provides prevention from corrosion. Float tilt with liquid in rise & fall condition, accordingly micro switch operates from NO (Normally Open) to NC (Normally Close) position. It can be used as a multipoint switch also.


  • H e r m etically sealed / molded
  • A j u d stable counter weight
  • M i c r o switch operated
  • Ea s y installation
  • N o n toxic


  • Se w a ge & water treatment plant
  • St o r a ge tanks
  • Au t o m atic pump control utilities